Hylink Digital Turns 23!


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Santa Monica, CA

Hylink turned 23 yesterday, and the largest digital agency in China celebrated on a global scale! The day was filled with fun, games, and sunshine as we commemorated another successful year. As we look forward to the year ahead in anticipation and excitement, here is a quick rundown of the day’s celebratory activities by the numbers in our Los Angeles office:

  1. Ten lemons sliced.

  2. Eight old Chinese songs attempted to be sung by American staff.

  3. Six rhymes attempted to be rapped by Chinese staff.

  4. Fifteen pairs of feet burned by hot sand at the beach.

  5. Three bottles of champagne popped.

  6. One carrot cake enjoyed.

  7. Seven yoga poses performed.

  8. Twenty five trivia questions debated.

  9. Three delicious meals devoured.

  10. ALL calls made and meetings attended despite drinks consumed and games played. Advertising!

We’d call this a successful celebration, wouldn’t you? Until next year...

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