Hylink Digital Marketing Institute (HDMR): Chinese-Made Vehicles Moving Into the Fast Lane


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Santa Monica, CA

The traditionally-held view that Chinese-made vehicles are of lesser quality than internationally-made vehicles is changing. Today, an increasing number of Chinese consumers have begun to regard domestic-made vehicles as “economical” and “high-performance.”

This trend is especially obvious in the SUV market. While the entire automobile market is experiencing a downturn, the sales of SUVs have managed to increase at a rate of 40% and domestic-made vehicles rank at the top of the overall sales list. According to a report released by the China Automobile Industry Association, domestic automakers took seven of the top ten spots in their rankings of the most popular SUV brands in 2015.

Additionally, last year, among the top ten popular SUVs, six of them were domestic and the top three were Chinese brands. According to HDMR, accumulating experience for future development while continuing to produce high-quality products which exceed consumers’ expectations should remain a priority for domestic automakers.


Four stages of development of domestic brands

HDMR has identified the stages of development of domestic brands by using the following categories: TIM-A (Toddler, Improvement, Mature, Achievement)

  • Toddler: Entering the industry from a low-end market and making strides by imitating and learning from already successful brands. The biggest competitive strengths in this stage are a lower price point.

  • Improvement: Expanding business scope and gradually upgrading the product to a higher level.  This establishes a great reputation among consumers.

  • Mature: Clearly establishing a brand’s position and recognition. This is key to shifting a brand from a lower price to a high-value brand.

  • Achievement: Becoming the industrial leader in categories from technology to design.

Reputation of Domestic Car Brands

Today, people tend to be more trusting of domestic brands and customer reviews have become more and more positive. Consumers would generally characterize Chinese brands as the functional and economical choice that exceeds expectations, but could perform better.  

In short, HDMR believes that domestic brand equity will continue to increase in the future if these brands continue to manufacture high-quality, reliable products.

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