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Santa Monica, CA

Yesterday was inspirational; we mean it. In July, renovations on our Santa Monica office officially began. Last week, our team decided we would take a quick field trip to see all the recent progress. Some of us had already ventured there, others had not. Even with massive amounts of dust, the sad, lackluster walls, staked AC units and hanging electrical cords – basically if one could imagine any of those things typically tucked away and hidden – we were all able to see through the industrial chaos. The meager fifteen minutes we spent there elicited so many different feelings in all of us and in varying degrees. As a whole, we left simply inspired.       

For the past several months, we’ve been in another part of the city, temporaries of Culver City. Although this hip LA neighborhood has plenty to offer (side note: we’re huge fans and financial supporters of the new lifestyle shopping/dining center Platform), there’s something about being in direct vicinity to the ocean breeze and the vibrancy of so many people. 

There’s also, of course, the thought of having our own space – one we design and one we love. While it was exciting and amusing to stake claims on our future desks and reveling in the newness of our very empty space, there’s something incredibly motivating about what’s ahead – planned or unplanned. There’s so much to come and so much to build and we’re waiting and working, patiently and wholeheartedly. 

Moving on, we hope you enjoy this glimpse of before, just as much as we do. 

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