Buick's Avenir GL8 and Karl Lagerfeld’s New Interpretation of Aesthetics


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Santa Monica, CA

On the evening of December 19th, fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld attended the “2016 Digital Fashion Grand Ceremony” in Shanghai. The event marked a milestone for both the fashion and manufacturing industry as Lagerfeld and Buick announced that they would be co-designing an artsy model for the brand new GL8 Avenir, Buick’s subsidiary brand of premium level cars. Over the course of the evening, a number of Chinese fashion icons and celebrities attended the event including actress Jialing Liu and supermodel, Sui He.

Lagerfeld attended the ceremony donning a classic suit, black tie, and sunglasses. His unique aesthetic and persistent pursuit for perfection has brought him a global reputation in the fashion industry. Once renowned as “the representative of contemporary renaissance”, Lagerfeld brings exceptional expertise and vision to the Buick brand. “Buick is such a classic brand infused with history and aesthetics. My dad used to own a classic Buick sedan. For me, being able to design an artistic model for GL8 Avenir is the most innovative way to honor the classics. I always love to try new things,” Lagerfeld stated.

Avenir, meaning “future” in French, embodies Buick’s entrepreneurial spirit and eternal beauty. Its signature diamond-shaped symbol, inspired by the medieval hauberk logo of the Buick family, is full of elegance. Rather position Avenir as a premium car brand, Buick sees the model as a work of art with delicate design, both on the interior and exterior. “We believe Karl has the same idea with Avenir regarding art, creativity, and revolution. This collaboration sparks a new future for Buick and we’re very excited about it,”said Bao Hua, Buick’s marketing director.

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